Products We Love

Our love is not sponsored, it has developed through the use of many products and brands over the past five years. The following list contains products that have truly made a difference in my life as a cultivator.

SNS 203An organic blend of clove and rosemary oil that works against aphids, fungus gnats and thrips
You can get a FREE sample pack from Sierra Natural Sciences HERE.

Vegamatrix PhyreA microbial inoculant featuring a single Paenibacillus polymyxa species

Clonex Solution: A clone specific plant nutrient formulated using a special blend of high quality minerals and vitamins.

Regalia: A biofungicide that stimulates the plant’s innate ability to fight diseases and delivers better yield and improved harvest quality. It offers preventative activity and early control of yield-robbing diseases.

Dip N Grow: Dip ‘n Grow is the most effective rooting hormone I have used. It contains rubbing alcohol which allows the hormone to absorb into the plant’s tissue instantly.

Clone Cruiser XL: The best product on the market for shipping multiple plants. They offer two size options. The Original Clone Cruiser is designed to fit perfectly in a small flat rate box. I do prefer the XL over the original clone cruiser however because my cuttings are typically too tall to fit in the original. At just over $5 per cruiser, the XL is certainly something to be excited about.