Our Method

Cloning Procedure

Temp: 75-78 Humidity: 65-70%

Preparing Rockwool:

Begin by preparing your rockwool soak. Put the rockwool slabs into the mesh trays and dunk the entire slab into the rockwool soak. Rockwool should be entirely submerged for roughly 3-5 seconds. Remove from the soak and hold the mesh tray at a hard angle until water begins to pour out the bottom. Drain the rockwool slab until it weighs between 5 -5.5 lbs. Hold the tray in the opposite angle to allow the water to balance out. Place into bottom tray. 


Begin by preparing your pest control dunk. Dunk the cuttings in top first. Swirling them around to guarantee complete saturation. Do NOT get the tips of the cuttings into this solution. The point of this process is to coat the foliage. Gently shake them to remove excess moisture. Place dunked cuttings into your Dip n’ Grow cup. The Dip n’ Grow should be ¾”-1” deep. Place the fresh cuts into the Dip n’ Grow and swirl the cup around to guarantee all tips are saturated. Only remove the cuts from the Dip n’ Grow that will be plugged within seconds. Push the tip of the cut ¾ of the way into the rockwool cube just to the side of the center hole. When finished, label the tray with the strain and date. Cover with a dome making sure both vents are open/cut out.


The tray should not need to be watered for at least 4 days but ideally it will be 5-6 days. After 2-3 days remove the dome and check the weight of the tray.  Over-watering will diminish root development. The full tray should weigh roughly 4 lbs or less before watering. Water from the top down using a 32oz squeeze bottle. When roots begin to develop put 100ml of prepared clone food in the bottom tray to keep the roots moist. Replace as needed. Usually every other day.

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