Mama Funk’s Problem- Free Guarantee

We allow a one-time credit of 100% of your pre-tax purchase price for any clone that dies within the guarantee period as stated below. Proof of purchase is required. Credit will be usable on any purchase from Mama Funk Clones. The guarantee does not apply to replacement nursery stock. We cannot be liable for death or damage of plants caused by salt or abrasive chemicals, motor or manual vehicles, lack of proper maintenance, or excessive rains, drought, tornado, or other natural disasters.

We will not replace plants if death was caused by lack of water, improper water, insects, animals, mechanical damage, neglect, acts of God, inclement weather, third parties, civil unrest, or any actions taken outside of Mama Funk Clones

The guarantee period is 72 hours from the date of delivery. Please remember that the care these plants receive after they leave our premises is critical. This includes the care before and after they are planted. The most common causes for failure are improper watering and inadequate lighting. Follow directions carefully and if you have concerns, contact us immediately.

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