At Mama Funk Clones we understand how important cultivar choice is. Every cultivar listed on our menu is required to complete rigorous testing before being added to our rotation. We maintain a testing program of 10+ cultivators with varying skill levels growing in a wide variety of methods. This helps us see how well a plant does indoors, outdoors, in a tent, commercially, etc. Whether you grow hydroponics, organics or somewhere in between we’re here to help you pick the best cultivar for your methods.

Cherry Tree
Gelato #41
Grandpa’s Breath
Grape Ape
Pineapple Sorbet
Platinum Funk
Sunshine OG
Tiger Champagne
Tropicana Banana

Retired Genetics:
Chem Scout OG
Tiki Rain
Sundae Driver
Zkittlez Punch

*This is not a current inventory. This is a list of what’s currently in our mom library and in the inventory rotation.